Somerville, et al. v West Town Bank & Trust, civil action No.: PJM-19-490, pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland (the “Lawsuit”).

The Court approved the settlement agreement at the January 18, 2023 final hearing. A copy of the Order Approving Settlement is available on the Court Documents webpage.

As long as no appeals of the final approval are filed with the Court, the settlement will become final on February 18, 2023 . Assuming the settlement becomes final, settlement award checks will be mailed to class members around March 9, 2023. If you have any questions or need to submit a change of address, please contact the Settlement Administrator by phone (410) 807-8074 or by email [email protected]

If you were a borrower or co-borrower on a residential mortgage loan from West Town Bank & Trust (“West Town”) (including either an
originated, brokered, or funded loan) that was closed by All Star Title, Inc. (“All Star”), between 1/1/10 and 12/31/15, you may be eligible for benefits under the Settlement.

Your Legal Rights and Options in this Class Action Settlement
SETTLEMENT CLASS MEMBERS NEED NOT MAKE A CLAIMThe Court gave final approval to the Settlement and all potential appeals are exhausted (if any are filed). Members of the Settlement Class who did not opt-out will be mailed a check once the settlement becomes final, tentatively by March 7, 2023.
ASK TO BE EXCLUDED FROM THE CLASSThe deadline for requesting exclusion was December 16, 2022.
OBJECT TO THE SETTLEMENTThe deadline for objecting to the settlement was December 16, 2022.
GO TO THE JANUARY 18, 2023 HEARINGThe Court approved the settlement at the “Final Fairness Hearing”